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Did you ever meet a mermaid or a siren in your life? Well I did and trust me it was the craziest experience in my life. Mermaids and sirens are mythological creatures that sink the fishermen and navigators. They are beautiful and sensual people (ladies in my case, or attractive borderline situations) disguised as passions and love affairs that come to your life and suddenly move everything. These creatures or situations have a strong spell, they hypnotize and drive you towards a border (a cliff) Read more [...]
The perception of things, it is like a landscape from the top of a plane. Perception is a map of senses, acknowledgments and self awareness. In a world of technology, social media, real time information, Twitter, Facebook, Google, infinite knowledge... you and me sometimes forget the basics about who you and me are. What is our own personal strategy. Not the one of the 300 average friends we have in Facebook. Not the ones of the culture we are born, the language, the settings of our corporative data. Read more [...]
There are different ways of seeing the concept of being fragile. Being fragile is a state on the edge of hope and it is about a sense of not knowing the way to go. And being more or less fragile defines partly the way you conduct hope, emotions and the way you end up deciding. And this is more intense and confusing in a time where humans are in part within a context of social and tech interaction. In a time of life style "Krisis", (the etimologic keyword, from the greek, that gave origin to crisis) Read more [...]
flowers of structuralism
What are the traces that makes us survive as creatures of difference? All of us have a dna glossary of multiple differences and cultures. We live in a process of cultural and anthropological social quotation, reiteration, allusion and inner question, chaos trying to combine signifying practices of intelligibility in our stories, rituals and customs. "A tragedy is a representation of an action that is whole and complete and of a certain magnitude. A whole is what has a beginning and middle and Read more [...]
eternity is a path in the present
Should we look at life in what way? In a time of emotional (dis)orders the formula for eternity is no longer a romantic idiosyncrasy. In a way no one can ask who we are, or ask us to remain the same, we simply change, evolve and even in our old dna of habits and features, there is something always mutating (even if it is just our mood). In the end it is something as simple as that: we should live each moment of the present fully. That I firmly believe is the only thing that still can makes us Read more [...]
Living in a negative feeling (of coming after) and at the same moment in a positive feeling of transcending one mixes emotional disorder and euphoria in a world fooled by the in-temporal randomness (Nassim Nicholas Taleb). One is aware  that emotional disorders are part of the way and caused primarily by a brain problem of adaptation to a reality of scars, neuropsychological (cognitive) symptoms, the over information, the over memory, the babel of perception of language, and opposite thinking, Read more [...]
the sweet collection of landscapes where one gets lost the anxiety of contamination / water contamination cross contamination food contamination demonic contamination lead contamination pcr contamination contamination control air contamination / (an invented combination of letters with each letter acting as a cue to an idea you need to remember) (an invented relationship between the name and the physical characteristics of the person) , the sweet elements of Read more [...]
(this endlessly interrogating) what is the actual cost per click of your lost governing set of ironies; what is the phenomenology of being in the long cataclysmic distance walk of ultra-marathons, death marches, long distance walking across continents without purpose, without permanence; trying to transcend the individual and social intentions, enforcing patterns structures, in the regime of plato's cave or the mechanisms of the minimal animal breakdown. (consequently the way Read more [...]
nobody can write the history of the montage of events and images unglued from ordinary associations what makes the world's knowledge both in terms of temporality and causality the intersection of neuroscience and culture, zeus and seres's bosom sense of displacement or disorientation Ω a research about the evolution of the silence in the last thousands of years... let us say, since after the ancient egypt , in deleuze archaeology's of knowledge, in a system that Read more [...]