dark skyes

Believe me the world is not going to end tomorrow. independent of all turmoil, independent of all challenges, independent of any drama or present nightmare, conflict. After any tempest there is always the quiet moment when the sea gets calmer.

The important is to keep making a statement about believing and keep on learning every day that there is a need to be thankful with everything one gets not with in effect we don’t have or owns.

It is imperative to make a bold statement for life and keep on learning every day that one needs to be addicted (or be naturally seduced) with the voice of whispering winds, the sensual things in life, the perceptible natural movement of the air that one breathes, the forms of air blowing from a particular direction flowing through the fields in the spring, close to a small metaphoric river of imagination. And imagine big time, dream how one can always get our life a better experience. How to optimise on’s life, as if we were optimising a business, a website. Making sure we always find things to improve not details to mourn about.

It is critical to understand the need to learn today that in the middle of all anxiety, in the middle of all the world negativity one needs to be awaken to all the symptoms of light in life. There is much more clarity that it seems to us when looking at the first impression. One needs to always think twice when lost in the route. And one needs to remember always all the gifts one received in life, the material ones and the immaterial ones.

It is all about a need to understand that  it is good to be mortal. Yes there is no problem about being fragile because no one is made of steel, (the hard, strong, gray or bluish-gray alloy of metal iron with carbon and usually other elements). And trust me everyone fails, sometimes! Faillure is not the problem. The issue is not to stand up again when one falls. And the only important thing to note and underline is that when one stumble one needs to get up and start walking again. ASAP.

Please remember today that you and me needs to learn how to close your eyes and open it again tomorrow with always a new child hope. The day will start all over again after 24 hours.

The world is not going to end tomorrow! No way the world is too old! And the world will always continue independent of your and mine moods. The world actually does not cares about our moods but somehow our moods affect the world around us. In various ways

We need to remember today that each moment is too precious to let it go! The gold is not in the precious yellow metal, it is in the way we value time, bonding, identity, engagement, creation of value. The way we believe in each other and in the others around us.

We need to remember today that we don’t need to wait for paradise because each moment can be a dream if we make it so! And only me have the power to make our / my life a paradise or hell.

The choice is in my hands! (the choice is in our hands). Without any cynical metaphysics, just with will power and perseverance and avoiding being dominated by fear, ignorance of short view!

There is much more than crisis in life. There is much more if one looks for it. Tomorrow always starts today. Now!

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