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The perception of things, it is like a landscape from the top of a plane. Perception is a map of senses, acknowledgments and self awareness. In a world of technology, social media, real time information, Twitter, Facebook, Google, infinite knowledge… you and me sometimes forget the basics about who you and me are. What is our own personal strategy. Not the one of the 300 average friends we have in Facebook. Not the ones of the culture we are born, the language, the settings of our corporative data. Important is how we project manage our lives and manage our emotion flows and dark matter inside (that inner inferred substance that make you and me to exist in space an time gravitational effects on visible matter and background radiation of feelings and acts). And some questions that are important to ask and think are:

  • When you ask how do you see yourself in the moment of death?
  • How you do you want to remembered?
  • Are we really doing what mather and count?

And these two questions specially that “how do you want to be remembered” is intense it makes us rethink our lives? Independent of all the buzz around us, the weather outside, these questions make us think twice. How the skies are written with dark clouds today, that does not mean the day will be dark, there is inside of you a powerful inception of life you just need to feel and drive it.

The important is how you build your foundations. The truth is that you can only build your house with the impact of the memory of the past and in its present you are already breathing the seeds of future. To do that you have to let it go the past negative or hard emotions. Let it flow and be yourself. Don’t blame anyone. You are responsible for yourself. The guilt or blame is destructive, but all of us are a mix of a dual DNA. So don’t hurt yourself as well when you understand you did something wrong. As well if someone hurt you just forgive it. It happened because it was the sum of a lot of things. You could not control it. That person did it for a lot of reasons as well. It was the past. It was wrong. But it was past!

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly. Richard Bach

It is impossible to explain the intense feelings of affection. There are no ways of controlling the sense of strong loyalty or profound complicity and complexity towards life and each of us. In life the strong attractions, the ineffable feelings are all part of the domain of the invisible and you just need to let it go and at the same time be true to it. Independent of all control you have or not in life you are part of a mix of fate and will. So just keep the right values that drives you inside and go. Continue the journey. But never give up of the ones you love and care because they are the only thing that matters. And forgive them. Even if they hurt you. Of course create a space but give them a chance.

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Remember you play and everyone plays with the fire of life. But ultimately you and everyone are playing with your internal burning fears, running away from the consciousness of memory, sorrow, perceptions, constructions, even when pretending you are safe and independent. The important is how you transform your thoughts in constructive words and visualise it. And how you delete the wrong settings of your personality, the cookies of your internal browser. You dark holes of emotions very easily get along your actions. So make sure you deal with it. Though please don’t regret anything. What happened is past.

Self awareness is a long way and it is done day by day. It is learning and being there, day by day without any fears and even with the fears not being paralised. In a world where the web and social media attention spam and the superficial are sometimes the only visible the values that drives you are nevertheless what are the real thing. That should be the perception.

Love and life are the ultimate maze, a construction. They are the striving sword moments that takes over the control of the inner silence. And remember to populate conscience with the twin voice of your best dreams, even if it is just a visualisation of a particular wish dream. In the end it will become your reality and it’s music is too powerful and most of people cannot hear or are afraid of it. Don’t fear it just be there for it. I truly believe that we are what we think about so the questions are:

  • are we thinking what we really want and always dream about it?
  • are we relaxed enough and breathing?
  • are we prepared for what we want?
  • are we looking in the right places?

Don’t be afraid just be confident and believe. And do it one day at the time. Step by step in anything in life patience and persistence is fine, key virtues.

I want to quote this wonderful text The Confident Marketer from Mitch Joel. Have a look think about it:

I get nervous. I get uncertain. I question my own ideals. I still hope that people like me. I want people to know that I’m trying to do the right thing. But, it is the confidence. Many people confuse being cocky with confidence (and that’s where the wires get scrambled). I’ve been interested in media and marketing since the mid-eighties. Even before working at it professionally, I studied it out of passion. I remember being very young and wondering to myself why one, specific story made it to the front of a magazine cover. Being the type of person I am, and finding a place where I am confident in what I do professionally has been a journey… and there is no destination… it still is a continuous journey. Much like finding a voice for this Blog (or for a newspaper column or for a book), the only way to get the confidence and find that voice is by picking at it – day by day and minute by minute.

This post is for a special person i believe a lot.

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