Post Modern Emotional (Dis)orders: Dialectic of Diamonds

Living in a negative feeling (of coming after) and at the same moment in a positive feeling of transcending one mixes emotional disorder and euphoria in a world fooled by the in-temporal randomness (Nassim Nicholas Taleb).

One is aware  that emotional disorders are part of the way and caused primarily by a brain problem of adaptation to a reality of scars, neuropsychological (cognitive) symptoms, the over information, the over memory, the babel of perception of language, and opposite thinking, the overload of struggle. And the symptoms of emotional problems take many forms weather are they more authentic or inauthentic. Some are obvious; some are difficult to recognize and identify: social emotional behavior, emotional disorder in children, teenagers, adults, appear with its social phobias, social emotional behavior and all the aspects of human nature…

If you go to a Search Engine (the new living encyclopedia of living indexation of knowledge and lack of knowledge, sometimes is just spamming) these are some the search results, that one can find for instance in Google:

types of emotional disorders

wiki emotional disorders

behavioral disorders

personality disorders

It is a world with a dialectic of “diamonds”. By dialectic I mean the old method of argument, which has been central to all human (both Eastern, Western and tribal) philosophy since ancient times. In the other hand by diamonds I mean not the Diamond, the second most stable form of carbon, after graphite, but the meaning from the Greek etymology: “adámas”, meaning “proper” or “unalterable” and mainly the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material synthesized so far. One can use the metaphor to describe the present. A day life of proliferation of apprehensiveness where nerves are wired to the changing of times.

This is in fact a time where the impossible is happening and the economy is in a stage where the quote of Tom Peters is almost a fact: “I have only the slightest difficulty imagining, in 2020, a 10 billion global enterprise… with seven full-time employees.” The fact is that some venture capital companies or funds are close to that. So in this perennial time where the sets of tradition “what we produce is always miles ahead of what we think” as Marx put it where are the challenges?

The answer perhaps is still in this quote (one of my favorites) “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Alva Edison

The present landscape is mutating at a great speed. The undetected patterns of randomness or the lacking of a definite plan or order or purpose are part of the day life, are the new trends. The new world, and why not, the web landscape is governed by or depending on skills, a lot of work and persistence and chance, and mainly by the capacity in believing in each one of us and having the strength to be authentic and unique, without the ancient feeling (or should I say emotion) of fearing. But to win one needs to be adaptive and has Stephen Hawking put it in an interview to the German magazine Focus: “unless mankind redesigns itself by changing our DNA through altering our genetic makeup, computer generated robots will take over the world.” Is this our evolution in a landscape of Post Modern (the always now of the Romans…) Emotional (Dis)Orders something that is part of being human after-all.

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