Be aware of Mermaids and Sirens How to Deal With Erroneous Zones

Did you ever meet a mermaid or a siren in your life? Well I did and trust me it was the craziest experience in my life. Mermaids and sirens are mythological creatures that sink the fishermen and navigators. They are beautiful and sensual people (ladies in my case, or attractive borderline situations) disguised as passions and love affairs that come to your life and suddenly move everything. These creatures or situations have a strong spell, they hypnotize and drive you towards a border (a cliff) sometimes edgy and drowning situation. These sirens or mermaids are significant in their vertices’s, or near vertical, rock exposure. As cliffs are formed through the erosion landforms due to the processes of erosion and weathering that produce them the same does these people of situations. They erode your belief towards a total exposure of fragility.

Probably the most illustrious episode in history of literature about the mermaids, sirens was in Homer’s the Odyssey. The mermaids, sirens drown all the companions of Ulysses’ with their spell. And the Greek hero did survive because he tied himself and closed his ears… And remain focus towards his intentions not the temptation.

Well in life mermaids and sirens are disguised as people, distractions and circumstances that provoke in you and me negative and most of the times self destructive cycles and edgy behaviors. You can call it as well Erroneous zones. A more contemporary term and that if well studied can work, help as a self development barometer to manage your driving energies and avoiding the crashing of your forces or of your life.

The Fisherman and the Syren.
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It might be a lover that puts a spell on you and because of his or your inability to handle his feelings or emotions. Thus because of what you feel for that person you are driven towards a cruel, painful and poisonous journey through a sometimes dangerous road. And when this happens if you are not careful and strong enough to resist it can destroy you, or if you are lucky only part of who you are.

Mermaids and sirens are all over. They are in each step you and me move and they appear when we less expect. Though they are particular strong when we loose the focus of ourselves when we are not aware of our inner values and real dreams. They have bigger strengths when a given human being lacks self awareness, focus and self respect. So the plan on here is how you can create somehow a protection towards these people or situations?

In my particular case I have been finding some mermaids and sirens during my life. And trust me it has been a tuff period. Their beauty and uniqueness almost drown me as Ulysses’ companions towards edgy situations. And looking at it these people and situations have appeared in my life when I let myself let out of focus. Though as anything in life there was not much I could do once reality is made of a lot of perceptions and at the time those perceptions were somehow magic… The problem is always the day after.

“I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”
— T.S. Eliot

Thus the best way of dealing with Mermaids and Sirens is the way you handle and deal with your own erroneous zones. The concept of Erroneous Zones was developed by the author Wayne Dyer. According to the book with that name there are seven erroneous zones to take in consideration:

1. Not loving yourself
2. Seeking approval
3. Staying stuck in the past
4. Guilt and Worry
5. Avoiding the unknown
6. The belief that things need to be fair
7. Procrastination

I am not going deeper through each of these areas of reflection. They are quiet clear and have been widely developed by Wayne Dyer in a powerful way that I suggest you to read. Still a good exercise to be prepared to handle these situations is to go through each one of these zones and think how much they are present and affecting your acts. Trust me you are never enough prepared for the experience of meeting a mermaid or a siren, and their impact. So in order to survive their songs, spell capable of sometimes putting the night or the winter inside just start looking at your own issues. That is the best to handle the sea nymphs that somehow metaphorically continue luring all of you and me, contemporary sailors in the sea of webs and social media emotions to destruction on the rocks of spam attention, lack of values. The only way is to learn and keep on trying (it is the only way) to manage yourself properly.

Look at these zones, write it down in a note book and think about. It will help a lot. At least it did to me. As Ulysses managed to run away from the situation of the sirens and focusing in returning home to his beloved land where his wife and son where waiting. So should you, doing whatever is important and keep your attention in focus. And a good way of doing it is by understanding your negative cycles, your erroneous zones. That well analysed can help to get you a better self awareness and determinations for the navigation of life.

And be (always) aware of mermaids and Sirens’ fatal songs, they are indeed all over in these modern seas of technology evolving webs. Trust me!

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