flowers of structuralism

Trends of Post-structuralism and the Question of Meaning

What are the traces that makes us survive as creatures of difference? All of us have a dna glossary of multiple differences and cultures. We live in a process of cultural and anthropological social quotation, reiteration, allusion and inner question, chaos trying to combine signifying practices of intelligibility in our stories, rituals and customs.

“A tragedy is a representation of an action that is whole and complete and of a certain magnitude. A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end.” Aristotle

And what makes us survive in a civilisation or inside the fragments of different civilisation without meaning? What makes us survive or continue to live in a lack of “representation of a complete or certain magnitude”? Probably that is the meta-tragedy of the present. To try to have an action with a beginning and middle and end when that is impossible. That is the challenge of recreating a meta-narrative that is necessary to re-write down, a grand narrative that can con-substanciate the small stories of the daily life with a full cycle at a specific time and place. And how to do this in a society that plays in a crossroad of critical destroyed epistemological impossibility? Though still a society that means to impose limits on meaning or at the different variations of the memory of meaning…

Meaning is probably the most demanding and necessary drive or psychic representative of the human instinct and behavior. Still the creation of meaning, the ideology with its form of social cohabitation and social exchange, is a puzzle that has no comprehensive solution and still reduces all little stories to its terms.

And in this landscape what are the trends of this logo-centrism, drawn upon supposition of meaning with metaphorical and visual significant? What are the trends and metaphysics and its quest for underlying the cold and mutant reality towards the other symbolic referent, which exists outside of us in a kind of unnameable which resides beyond all reach and in deep landscape of a signifier as binaries oppositions?

The biggest challenge is to be capable of signifying in the binaries oppositions, to create structures that escape and organise a path towards the awareness  of the real.

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