ontological mnemonic

the sweet collection of landscapes where one gets lost
the anxiety of contamination


water contamination cross contamination food contamination demonic contamination
lead contamination pcr contamination contamination control air contamination


(an invented combination of letters with each
letter acting as a cue to an idea you need to remember)

(an invented relationship between the
name and the physical characteristics of the person)
the sweet elements of the neurological interactivity
the realm of resources, the sinking boat of believes
(what’s the best way of remembering?)
the difficulty of securing places
in a global darwin economic geography
combined with the fascination
created by the new world of images
where space and information are becoming
one and the same thing




2 entries found.

Main Entry:
on·to·log·i·cal           Listen to the pronunciation of ontological


: of or relating to ontology

: relating to or based upon being or existence
on·to·log·i·cal·ly           Listen to the pronunciation of ontologically

this can lead us to abandon the roots of reality;
abandon it to the point where life
inside the space of places
and life in

the space of data transmissions drifts increasingly apart

and in meanwhile what is the authenticity
of the eyes looking at
a sight of camera lens,
… and the disorder
of the resources… where to look for answers,
the order of

the line between the sessions of the sinking sun in the sleeping sea
another planet that appears in the system
and another day that comes better or worst than the other

there is not a metaphysical fire to illuminate the darkness
of all the artificial light

there is not a subsequent qualified reply to all the film character cries

the peace diplomacy delegates are supposed to bring
– i am a country in the process of discovering –

a chiasmic blindness

after the resonance research of blurring the categories
of the shadow diversity of the present

this impact of hybrid archetypes and algorithms
a derive in an array of gateways
to the unknown day
after day

making visible the fluidity and unpredictability of
the journey, the
soft boundaries between water and ice
in this winter in the north hemisphere where i hide

looking for the tensions of emotion,
trying to perceive the
possibilities of reality while i think about what,

i think about

(it is not everything about me or you),
wet after the late rain

a child in an array of incomprehensible
sounds made of unbearable semiotic meaning

and life makes sense only when i think a relation exist,
and only when one sleeps
next to

this visualisation of hermeneutic colors (the Implicit Cultural Concepts)

self-consciously concerned in the engagement
of a smile
wandering of about lost paradigms and perceptions
after this mnemonic tricks to master new
meaning and words and messages
to remind me of the exhausting race that leads nowhere

where i am
running, flying
after you and the motley crew of ontological ideas
i gathered to sail this


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