institution of the nervous breakdown

(this endlessly interrogating)

what is the actual cost per click of

your lost governing set of

ironies; what is

the phenomenology of

being in the long cataclysmic distance walk of

ultra-marathons, death marches, long distance walking across
continents without purpose, without permanence; trying to transcend the
individual and social intentions, enforcing patterns structures, in the
regime of plato’s cave or the mechanisms of the minimal animal
breakdown. (consequently the way in which we understand history and the
archaeology of the of knowledge (Michel Foucault), the relationships
between the garden genealogies…)

phenomenology aurora

love, lust are too tricky in the unhistorical human atlas subject.

this is the state of a sort of semantically limerence

and is not everyone trying to set a name to it?

the paradox of the method, the nervousness, the negativity,

the nostalgia the performance data to be updated… to everyone, anywhere

to this self-reflexive gaze

what is possible to hold, what is this shouting single long tails…

in the occasion everyone wants something

(even if most of the times they don’t know what)

the industry analysts checking recent statistics to know

the behaviour and the performance

… one is never sure of what one wants to replace in all the keyword bids with estimates for the first position in

the search engines of time?

placing a default bid, or changing individual bids in the heart, in the daily performance of

pain, paranoia

– do you have the right amount of patience while wandering for economical peace, immersed in all the invisible phobias?

under teenager rage,

the old man regret of the ancient testament,

the worst sinner’s remorse,

the resentment after the killing


the establishment consisting of a building or of complexes of buildings

where an organization for the promotion of a given cause is located


unable to define suffering

shock, surprise, in the landscape suspended suspense

through the thrill of the game, the torment and

the conditions of


physical, genetic, social, cultural, economic and environmental factors or processes,

which increase the susceptibility of a community to the impact of

hazards, vulnerability

ppc adwords

(in this present endlessly interrogating)

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