love is a journey through uncharted territories. and “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu we can only love without ego, letting go in the process of the journey from all of who we are without effort. dedicating all of us to the other… learning with the other, letting it go… love is a powerful sunny transparent gift,

most of the time we don’t see it once we see and mirror ourselves through the other person, even when it seems we are not seeing and probably we are seeing each other…
love is an invisible magic potion and it takes real control of the whole of us… there is no way of controlling.
try to manage it or hold it is like to hold a bird in your hands it will end up flying away,
it is destined to fly away and or we fly with it or we loose sight of it
… love is not reason versus emotions it is a flow and we can only go in the river… if we try to control it we might kill it…love only works when we know well enough what it is we’re giving up and love obliges and makes you let go the resentful, the old flowers on the vase
…yes it is challenge but the utmost special aura golden of the challenges
no one cannot control… it.
we can only keep focus on improvement + contribution + adapting to the small things
the other
… it is
an emotion of an out of control affection and total personal
… an essence that resists defining
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