the arts of little disappearing

nobody can write the history of the montage of events and images unglued from ordinary associations

what makes the world’s knowledge

both in terms of temporality and causality

the intersection of neuroscience and culture,

zeus and seres’s bosom sense of displacement or disorientation


a research about the evolution of the silence in the last

thousands of years…

let us say, since after the ancient egypt


in deleuze archaeology’s of knowledge,

in a system that does not exists but that everyone believes in


there are terrible processes of forgetting,

there is a wayward imagination under the site of the chair

… the spatial dimension of theoretical models and how these are deployed in productive reading

and who has authority to believe in the fossil record

and to follow all the more than 500 million years of human


from shrew like mammals 65 million years in the past

to the ultimate fate of humanity

(and its descendants, both biological and non-biological)


who has authority to see 500 million years in the future


help me to decide which path should I choose

the mystical materialism in anger for

and the pathological fear is still in the veins,

in the blood while

one is tortured by memory in this fragmented playground of disappearing

buildings in the cities


in this immortal melodrama process of changing streets,

houses, architectures and urban planning over time

in the heritable characteristics of the time metamorphosis,

or traits, of a population of organisms.

in this unknown map of heritable traits

encoded by the genetic material of an organism

(usually dna).

and all the sounds that invade ears and

this process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage


lost could suggest inside

the labyrinth of the tube corridors of a dead city

a freudian, spiritual or hedonistic trope


a dismembered

body of wishing other bodies,

other spirits

a film to be continued

in a theatre of shadows in all the processes that enable life


in the result of the process of evolution

over a period estimated to be more than 3 billion years

(and of what came before)


in the advanced metaphysics

of consciousness, through

the taxonomic groups of organisms

that forms



in an odor left in passing by a given living being,

which a person or animal left and that can be traced

in the slight variations that catch the scent

of the variations in the genes;

in the get wind of that passes down to the next stage

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