7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People

Personal success comes when one knows what he wants and focus on solutions to a specific set of challenges. And success varies according to cultures, family background, psychological profile and of course with will power. Nevertheless successful people are driven with passion, and they  love themselves.

Highly Successful People  work to build an indestructible personality developing everyday  integral features that create a sort of an inner algorithm, which gives life an order of magnitude, an original vision. These characteristics, traits, skills, techniques need to be drawn and developed continuously in order to maintain a focus, a visualisation and a positive attitude. However the deeper principles and foundations for Highly Successful People need to be enclose to a deeper philosophy of character. Also these principles need to be accompanied with a hands on approach attitude towards adaptation and change. Thus through everyday life.

Success has to undergo a strong Character with Values and Ethics foundation.  In order to manage a high success rate you need to develop strong focus and vision, make sure you think on your own. And this goes with underlying typical or distinctive characteristics. These  features need to be build upon qualities such as integrity, courage, persistence, justice, patience.  Characteristics that create an unique footprint to master success.

Bellow 7 characteristics of highly successful people I am setting to my life and that I believe can change and make anyone successful and balanced.

  1. Create your own vision! Love yourself. Dream big! Visualise and build a daily self esteem that converts in an indestructible personality.
  2. Be persistent and resilient!  Never take no for an answer. Don’t procrastinate! Don’t wait things to happen.
  3. Be down to earth! Make sure you are in long term partnership with reality. And never burn bridges!
  4. Invest everyday in self development! Use a methodology! Document its progress! Create lists. Follow it.
  5. Manage and organize attitude. Have a positive constructive attitude! Surround yourself with valuable people. Have your support group that want the same.
  6. Find a way to manage your energy & emotions . Create a strong bond nest around you. Balance with family, friends. Be a hard team player. And develop an unique capacity to adapt and change. And learn how to forget and let it go!
  7. Execution. Be obsessive with completing tasks and never quit. Execute! Execute!

In the end personal success comes up with continuous personal hard work. It is about personal dreaming, visualisation, discipline, persistence and commitment.

In order to manage that for your life make sure you have a vision, a thinking. Than create a personal balance between emotions, family and work, dreams, goals. And make sure you manage properly your daily internal or external emotional battle.

Moreover highly successful people have  a sound understand of making sure you know what you want. Most of failure comes from lack of clear planning or understanding what is required. Decide and go for it with a simple and detailed plan.

Also it is imperative to keep improving and optimising your inner use of language in a focus and positive way. The right selection of words and language can change an entire life. Make sure that what you want and dream of is translated the same way. Use hope and pragmatic positive use of appropriated language!

Be focus in execution. Ultimately nothing happens without execution!

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