Success is being yourself

Success has various shapes and forms. But in the end there is only one success -to be able to spend your life with yourself and in your own way. Success is a long path and a journey of discovery. But there is only one success -to be able to spend your life in your own way, and specially with the person you see in the mirror. There are no formulas or secrets to success, but it has all to do with the way we look at our lives, our challenges, and the way we create our thoughts of it in the process of answering to the signs of reality.

Thinking well the way we look at problems, I prefer to call it challenges, the way we word and describe reality makes us create a dimensional vision, reality. And the reality is that if you visualise success you might start getting close to it.

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” TonyRobbins

Most of my life I have been unfortunately wasting my time drowning in the black whirlpool of my fears and in my cultural negative traps. Somehow looking for the “perfect lover” and therefore I created a cyclic repetitive zone that would somehow promote my lack of willpower to move forward and get out of what was hurting me, or making me fail. It was not the fact that I was failing it was my comfort negative zone, a space I created in my thoughts to runaway from reality, and to blame something or someone for my lack of capacity to create my vision, to move, to answer boldly to my issues or challenges.

Success – I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody.#quote

Lately I have been understanding that the irony is that only when I got out of my comfort zone,  I was able to shift from my negative puzzles, or some kind of bubble of guilt and blaming and finally I could start moving. Thus this was and is a complex and very difficult task. Change the flow of my thoughts is a daily challenge, it requires that I manage my ego in a balanced way, and that I get out of any notion of blame, or simply put my ego aside and move forward with my instinct, my vision and my believe in values and in the thoughts of my own.

I have been shifting from a dis-topic vision of the world, or a highly idealist approach that fail and get into denial to a realistic approach of my conscience, looking at myself in the mirror with fairness, and get a faith in the power of changing my thoughts, my actions everyday, one at the time. I do believe real happiness, somehow all notion of abundance, the sense of peace, the acceptance of the hard perspectives of reality and all drives of success are thought driven, and that my natural move needs to be in personal acceptance, continuous self developing, focus on always learning, and rewrite in a clear and focus way. Moreover everything and the way I behave needs to come from within.

Being yourself, accepting the whole self is the only way to succeed! It is however difficult but natural, authentic and real, if one endures in the instinctive self, hear somehow the power of silence and acceptance without giving up will give you more power to move and to be a success yourself.

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  • Dinis, adorei e gostei muito do penultimo paragrafo, onde penso que falas muito de ti proprio. Belo e inspirador artigo, como sempre.

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