Love an Essence that Resists Defining

love is a journey through uncharted territories. and “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu we can only love without ego, letting go in the process of the journey from all of who we are without effort. dedicating all of us to the other… learning with the other, letting it go… love is a powerful sunny transparent gift,
most of the time we don’t see it once we see and mirror ourselves through the other person, even when it seems we are not seeing and probably Read more […]

things are never that perfect, and at the same time they simple are

things are never that perfect and at the same time they simple are perfect;

we are the ones capable or reaching our purposes, when the sun
open his eyes wide open
and invades our perception with light
(though we need to be ready for the light!)

to feel something for someone is to feel first for ourselves,
we are all creatures of the earth and the air
and it is our delicate invisible layers
that makes us special and magic builders of
the magic cards of reality

we can be directors of Read more […]

Best iPad and iPhone applications for children of all ages

As an iPad and especially an app addict I have been trying out a huge amount of apps for my own entertainment, work, tech experiments and of course for my child and friends’ children. Trust me, part of the fun of having an iPad is sharing it with your child.
Having tried to find relevant information about iPad and iPhone applications for a while I discovered that it was a very difficult and time-consuming task. The Apple iTunes search is not very sophisticated and in the end you just find some Read more […]

You Are What You Think About It – Purpose of Life

Sometimes you just need to remember all the small things that make you happy. Why do you smile, what relaxes you? In my case I try to do it though the way I think. Thus i use to do some quizzes about myself and my own way of thinking. Thus today I just want to publish a small poem I wrote that I try to read as often as possible. So today I am not going through a any reflection about web trends, marketing, strategy, social media, technology. I am going just to free my poetic soul. Hope it works for Read more […]

ontological mnemonic

the sweet collection of landscapes where one gets lost
the anxiety of contamination


water contamination
cross contamination
food contamination
demonic contamination

lead contamination
pcr contamination
contamination control
air contamination


(an invented combination of letters with each
letter acting as a cue to an idea you need to remember)

(an invented relationship between the
name and the physical characteristics of the person)
the sweet elements of Read more […]

canonical aesthetic kiss

there are simply things that can’t be erase from retentiveness,

or even exorcise


like a body in a crematorium before being transformed in ashes

and presented to the remaining relatives


decay is part of the canon

and is probably the last amnesia,

the last stage of the visceral




perhaps the best key to forgetting


do you always wish to have your memories



in fact the ranging from the life-giving symbolism,

of Read more […]

the arts of little disappearing

nobody can write the history of the montage of events and images unglued from ordinary associations

what makes the world’s knowledge

both in terms of temporality and causality

the intersection of neuroscience and culture,

zeus and seres’s bosom sense of displacement or disorientation


a research about the evolution of the silence in the last

thousands of years…

let us say, since after the ancient egypt


in deleuze archaeology’s of knowledge,

in a system that Read more […]

emotional disorder or being lost

how tensions between:

external social/political/economic forces

+ interior/personal/emotive/reflective experience = come into play

an advertising slogan this powerful strength that pushes

the drowning effect, the task of commercialising the personal; how to reach the margins of the river while the
water goes stronger and stronger in a political-military dialogue
and one stops (rich in vitamin c)

breathing,  in an interaction or collusiveness
(wandering how the brain works in these Read more […]

Video Art and Art and Essay Film in Portugal, an arts video curatorial Book project, N_Books (Número)

From its first emergence in the studio, in a mixture of experimentation and documentation, until it was welcomed into galleries and museums, video art asserted itself as an individual social, visual and ideological medium in which the avant-garde, underground cinema, expanded cinema and other movements were free to express themselves unhindered. In a world increasingly dominated by the technological media, video appeared to offer a rawness which invited exploration. Under the cloak of spontaneity, Read more […]