canonical aesthetic kiss

there are simply things that can’t be erase from retentiveness,

or even exorcise


like a body in a crematorium before being transformed in ashes

and presented to the remaining relatives


decay is part of the canon

and is probably the last amnesia,

the last stage of the visceral




perhaps the best key to forgetting


do you always wish to have your memories



in fact the ranging from the life-giving symbolism,

of the paramount touching of the lips

can also design the offspring of


in the gospels, judas betrayed jesus with a kiss on the cheek

do you know what is the subconsciously attraction, and

the anthropology of your romantic affection,

the sexual desire

for a kind of silk touch and



have you reached a consensus

in the understanding of your breathing instinctive animal behavior


kissing allows effective lovers to smell and taste

each other’s chemical substance

, allows biological compatibility

– like queen bees giving off a pheromone that prevents other females

in the hive from becoming sexually mature,

with the result that only them mate and lay eggs

it is this sort of abstraction code,

not a compilation of papal decrees and civil legislation,

but a more completely developed body of

innate inner writing laws


human is attracted by the aesthetic and esthetics’s

of emotion


as part of their genetic canon,

female use kissing as a tool to find the right father for their children


to judge men

(exclusively probably on the distinguishing attribute of the very first kiss that they share)

many other non-human primates also exhibit a light glancing touch behaviour

a kiss made by brief contact of puckered lips to the skin of the cheek

or no contact at all,

merely performed in the air near the cheek with the cheeks touching.

(you can also kiss someone on the forehead or cheek)


kissing involves two people pressing their lips together,

usually with much more vividness,

and for a considerably longer period of saturation of time.

in more passionate kissing couples open their mouths,

suck on each other’s lips, move their tongues into each others’ mouths

the trojan hero aeneas and the wanderer dido
tragic last kiss

these are the concepts that have a kind of uniqueness or naturalness

and there are those light source kisses blown using actions of the hand and the mouth,

and sometimes to avoid a clash of noses while kissing,

couples often turn their faces slightly to one side.

… i wonder if it is this action –

that the Romans distinguished as suavium

(also known as savium), a lovers’ deep kiss

that requires significant muscular coordination with the right person

with a total of twenty muscles working cooperatively

most of the times the most important canonical issue


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