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Sometimes you just need to remember all the small things that make you happy. Why do you smile, what relaxes you? In my case I try to do it though the way I think. Thus i use to do some quizzes about myself and my own way of thinking. Thus today I just want to publish a small poem I wrote that I try to read as often as possible. So today I am not going through a any reflection about web trends, marketing, strategy, social media, technology. I am going just to free my poetic soul. Hope it works for you as it does for me.

you are what you think about it,
you are what you dream about it,
you are what you imagine about it,
you are what you do about it,

you are the true mistery of the world,
you are the sunrise or the sunset,
you are your favorite playing music,
you are the best version of yourself,

but you can also be the worst version of yourself

you are who tortures you the most,
you are who you manipulate the most,
you are all your most powerful poison,
but you are as well the total sum of your curiosity


you are the digital light in the dawn of the day,
you are the child curiosity in the sparkling of your eyes,
you are the honest smile you were not expecting in your lips,
you are all the surprises you want it to happen!

but you can be as well the best version of yourself

As Abraham Lincolm put it,

“People are about as happy as they make up their mind to be”

Some more thoughts! Humanity is you and me. Humanity during the evolution, mutation has had many belief systems which influence the many tribes, cultures within the human complex web of networks. Human individual beliefs system is formed around ideas that come from individuals and groups that join their passions and create collective concepts that evolve into belief systems. These believes, called it faith, religions, mind tools, sometime marketing propaganda are now highly influenced by media, technology and its present all concept of social media.

There are no doubts in the present moment one lives inside a media and social technology landscape that is enabling humans in the different capacity to get out of conventional traditional networks. In this process there is the possibilities of any person around the world being able to create and express his unique voice and get involve in whatever tribe, group she or he wants faster than ever. This creates and brings with it a new state of mind that re questions all the belief systems? Or not, just helps the traditional believe systems to move faster as well…

Now more than ever one individual, you or me, a small tribe, a group of people can experience a total mutation in the way they process information and inter change their ideas and emotions that goes far behind of traditional belief systems. This brings new interesting challenges once this small group can persuade others to join and share it. Thus this is not completely new in history.

Technology has always been present in mankind evolution from the invention of fire, paper to the wheel. A lot of multiple changes, inventions have been processed. In many ways is obvious that technology and determination of people, tribes, contries has been responsible for the death or origin of new countries, civilisations.

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Thought what can be new is the global access of information and its real real time processing through a web where we can visualise trends of emotions and feeling in ways that each of us using social technology is able with the right tools to express his voice and ideas to a massive group without so much interferences as in the past. The socialization of media and technology is powerful and irreversible transformative, but while the mutations, evolution technology has democratized information and equalized influence, it is still back to the origins of anthropology that gives us insight into how these newly forming tribes, communities.

In the end, remind to yourself about all things simplicity. Make sure you fear less, focus in hoping more. You are still an emotional being with feelings needs. So try to be honest and try not to procrastinate or whine, and do breathe more. Talk less, and make sure that you only say when you express yourself can say more. Avoid hating, give without expecting back. Socialise with the people you respect and not just in social media platforms. In real life. Engage, engage, engage. Success in any Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn passes though success about the way you think and act in your life. You and me are indeed who we think about it!

Thus love, always love more. Independent of any faith or devotion realise all good things close to you that are yours (yes they are there, you just need to see it or change the way your eyes perceive it!). That is the best purpose of life. If you and me do it a new energy will pop up and you will go through all the change being in all simplicity a human being, not any other trend of fashion, technology. Purpose through what you think about it!

I will leave you with this interesting video where Pastor Rick Warren, author of book The Purpose-Driven Life, reflects on his own way of handling with crisis of purpose, in what really matters.

Rick Warren on a life of purpose in TED

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