You Are What You Think About It – Purpose of Life

Sometimes you just need to remember all the small things that make you happy. Why do you smile, what relaxes you? In my case I try to do it though the way I think. Thus i use to do some quizzes about myself and my own way of thinking. Thus today I just want to publish a small poem I wrote that I try to read as often as possible. So today I am not going through a any reflection about web trends, marketing, strategy, social media, technology. I am going just to free my poetic soul. Hope it works for Read more […]

emotional disorder or being lost

how tensions between:

external social/political/economic forces

+ interior/personal/emotive/reflective experience = come into play

an advertising slogan this powerful strength that pushes

the drowning effect, the task of commercialising the personal; how to reach the margins of the river while the
water goes stronger and stronger in a political-military dialogue
and one stops (rich in vitamin c)

breathing,  in an interaction or collusiveness
(wandering how the brain works in these Read more […]