Globalisation, Social Media Terra Incognita Web

Terra incognita, web transparency and a new metaphoric globalisation!

Lately technology and web are making humanity go faster… too fast in this wide “Terra incognita” (the latin expression for Unknown land, territorry, used by ancient navigators for the mysterious areas under discovery).  Although we live in a over mapped world that has powerful navigation such tools as Google Maps, GPS, Foursquare, Geo location devices the notion of “direction” has somehow disappeared from the reality maps. And a question we can ask is if we are trying to write reality and fiction as the same fact? Are we overwritting the concept of moving towards a notion, concept of paradise with invisible words, feelings and lack of understanding where to? It seems so, although at the same pace we are moving faster than in any time in history. And we are at the same time almost not moving, lost in the metaphoric sea of over information as overloaded broken greek sculpture with a weight of too much society layers, and over technology lost under the sea.

Are we part of a multiple fragmented civilisation near an unknown island, even having problems letting the most powerful wind of time speak? Mankind is kind of saying: “hope that the gods forgive me what I am doing (even i don’t know what i am doing)!”. And humanity somehow lost the faith in a unique God or global concept of God.

There is this obsession in trying to measure what is not measurable, and asking: how can I make measurable what is not so? In this will to go further the limits, almost loosing our direction in the data and neuroscience perception. Somehow we live in a fast highway and we are conscious that we are leading to an unknown version of destiny as perhaps never before in anytime in history. Though now we are doing that with a blind confidence in technology and sense of everything being possible if we just continue going. And that is the dangerous state of the present time; a blind knowledge and an unconscious materialisation of lacking ideals and goals. Where are we all driving?

It is impossible to subject everything to reason. It is mad to follow this tentative ability to form and operate upon concepts in abstraction emotions of an unknown source. Faith might have nothing mysterious or supernatural in it. Though somehow if we think for a while we violate everyday the principles of reason, in a demanding of spirituality, that materialises in the platforms, web, social media, exposure to data, real time information. We are part of a present civilisation that follows in an almost absurd gathering of a cult of a technological virtual digital sun? And are we sacrificing our basic needs of affect and sharing with it?

I believe we are not ridiculous. We are not ridiculous like a vision of  a haunting dead blue ghost child walking in the edge of a skyscraper, immerse in the unknown lands of a cinematographic memory. Though if we think for a while we are aiming toward an over mapped and unmapped lands of the cartography of the far away planets that have not been found or documented (yet). Our collective social imagination is schizophrenic and we are producing imaginative scope geographies, characterising the geographical variation in some property of the emotions soil. We are somehow navigators of life living in urban ongoing deconvolution legends.

Using a poetic metaphor we are somehow poems by an unknown author being read in the way to go in high mountains regions of the mind with “here be dragons”… If fiction and reality are somehow the same thing I am probably having fantastic virtual beasts haunting in my shadows (including large serpents of radioactive silver in a gamification of society) moving in the most remote corners of the world and depicted such as decoration on their maps, looking in only one known surviving cartography, victim of circumstances.

Web and technology navigators still wondering, looking for here be dragons

Somehow as old navigators we are still wondering, looking for here be dragons seeing many strange faces in the crowd (“hic sunt dracones“) in this metaphoric terra incognita, this imaginary continent terra australis where both the coastlines and the inner parts of the continents had not been fully explored. We are in an unexplored subject or field of research, wondering what did we not map until now.

And the question is what did we bring of innovative projects to life? We are all part of a huge social media graph, part of a corporation responsible to nameless owners. And it is the continuum quantum of a process of love versus nihilism. We are a metaphoric society that forgot the power of dreaming because we forgot somehow to awake. And we are going towards an unknown destination working in the sort of big stone of life where grows a strong olive tree,  in a tour moving in the fated thinking.

Yes we are lost in the big capitalism store of clichés, in the systematic cctv narrative of everything, in the relation of incidents, so sick of the terrible endings not caring to know if there is an answer!?

Did you stop to ask what happens when you take the bible, the hollywood narrative, and the pop chronology together. The hollow effect of a deconstruction it and reconstruct… the overall deconstruction in an electronic data blanket?

To summarise we live indeed in a time of Globalisation, Social Media in a Terra Incognita Web. The challenge is to be aware of this and find solutions to have a personal imagination, search for ideals, ideas and make sure we find within reality the right strategy to handle this always Unknown Territory that is life.

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