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The World We Have Within and Inner Peace

The world you have within, your inner silence should be the goal

We live in a time when technology and social media platforms and its accelerated interaction open a new division between perceptions. This namely between the internal and external flows of life, the external and internal worlds. All these new advances bring with it a beginning of an expanded sense of the social external relationships between people worldwide. However as humans with feelings, emotions and senses it is more important than ever to keep a balance namely in the world within. Independent of all the shared interests or beliefs that bind the new social graph, (with a mix of real, virtual and technological layers) and the sentiment around the communications, decisions each one of us  make, the notion of inner peace associated to a self development is critical.

In this landscape some words come to my mind when I close myself an try to be in my inner silence. I think that i need to walk in a sense of passionated tone of voice recognising the beauty of life and its challenges no matter how difficult or dramatic they are. Understand that the simplicity of our world within the notion of inner peace is somehow like a full moon night mode. I often think about the importance of bearing in mind that the only real priority task you have is to manage the world you have within. Your inner silence! To remember that things are never absolute or perfect, and at the same time they simple are perfect if we understand who we are and our inner voice. This within a plan of action towards life destinies in their layers between the black and white and all the unexpected innuendos.

“Try to realize it’s all within yourself no one else can make you change, and to see you’re only very small and life flows on within you and without you.” George Harrison

When the sun open his eyes wide open with a new day and invades perception with light we can somehow understand the signs and symptoms of our inner tendency to act and think spontaneously. Inner peace of mind is the goal to achieve. It’s the world within, the place inside you should make sure you understand and work out.

Use smiles that win, tints that glow in the eyes

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.
Peter F. Drucker

Life is about walking towards a need to be ready for the light! It should be about the: light, action! atittude. Anything about the inner peace is related with the way one walks and acts… And one needs to use smiles that win, tints that glow in the eyes, quoting a poem from Lord Byron.

A particular lesson in a social media technological driven world is understand the importance of what “I AM”, and bear in mind that “I am not alone”, quoting Venessa Miemis. Though this need to be followed within the scope of understanding that we cannot be the “I am” without an immersion within the world within. A complex intense world that has to be in harmony and aware with thinking and action.

This is by far the biggest challenge the contemporary life style has imposed on each one of us. In a time when the setting of privacy with the increasing open and access to the setting of world wide web are blurring the distance between the public and the private. It is within this landscape that one has to stretch to the limits of the personal conscience. And understand how to be in an inner balance managing at the same time the bets way to  be visible to the world.

To feel some closeness for someone is to feel first for ourselves. To manage an unmistakable capacity of learning how to enjoy the present with a sense of peace with all the gone clouds of the past. Definitely we are all creatures of the earth and the air and it is our delicate invisible layers that makes us special. It is also our believe, our faith that can make us somehow a sort of magic builders of the magic cards of reality.

We can be directors of a big budget film of just gardeners taking care of delicate flowers in a hidden address of our own.

Our adventures are made of our bloody determination and it is truth we can and we should never be afraid of loving what we are and what we want!

The challenge is to able to go for it erasing all the fear, guilt, judgement

Though… the challenge is to able to go for it erasing all the fear, guilt, judgement, and prejudice, and feel life each day with its peculiar challenges, the passion as it comes, with perception. this moving with an all full instinct mode, (managing ourselves, conquering our shadows).

Whatever the situation we are, (we should aim to have frequent overwhelming appreciation). Than any expanding concept of peace or love will come and invade each of thoughts and one will be able to change and conquer the world we have within ourselves. We can do that starting by conquering the anxiety of the moment. Starting by laughing and breathing in the way. (With the pockets full of stars and with frequent scenes of attacks of laughing.)

“What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him.” Louis L. Mann

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” Marcus Aurelius (2nd century A.D

Because no problem is big enough and life is the daring adventure of all!

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