Social Media and SEO Features: Creating a Community

A lot has been written about SEO and Social Media features and about creating a community, and this relation is indeed the key point for the present web performance, both for ROI (Return on Investment) and ROA (Return on Attention). Web is becoming Search and Social at the same time with bigger complexity and content, localisation and technological challenges are bigger than ever and one needs to get in. I will try to synthesize some key points in this post.

From a business and of course marketing standpoint the benefits of SEO and social media are huge and more than ever the biggest challenge for any online project. One can look at the benefits of  SEO and social media in different ways and with different purposes or goals. The fact is that implementing a social media marketing program without optimizing content and a particular website as a whole is a failure and leaving money on the table. Useful social content, wether in a sophisticated website, in blog, in online video, images, audio needs to be discovered via search engines, otherwise it is a lost opportunity to reach an audience (the right one) that one is looking for.

Working with SEO awareness and Social Media together in a combined effort is key in these days and in fact creating a community is a great challenge that requires above anything a big passion for networking and be friend and social with other people. Also you will be only successful creating a community if you be faithful to the principles of SEO and make sure your website and content are properly optimized. And trust me if you don’t like to be social or to network, and if you simple ignore the righ and white hat SEO techniques and set up please don’t get online with ambition or even try to engage with social media.

So please have a look to some key Social Media Features and don’t forget it is about a cycle where Search, SEO mix together with a sustainable quality of content and project that organically will discover your site and engage with it. And of  course it is about creating value.

Essential Key points

  1. Target specifically your audience and know as much as possible about them
  2. Identify the unique persona segments of value to your company
  3. Know everything about your products
  4. Listen to what people are saying
  5. Listen to what people are looking for
  6. Know what motivates them
  7. Have a passion to integrate and join people and create groups both online and offline
  8. Create intelligent and creative ways of engaging and keeping them
  9. Be obsessed by answering to comments and be proactive on that
  10. Get the best Web technology + and platform
  11. Get the best technological platform to handle the challenges
  12. Be on the top of the wave in terms of the advances of the technology
  13. Be fast answering to the new mutations, that are happening on a daily basis
  14. Structure your website to engage, interact and database key information
  15. Provide ongoing measurements

SEO and Social media strategy is key to success some ideas to work it out:

  1. Remember social media websites are search engines as well
  2. So do the home workbefore anything, make sure you know what you want and the steps to get it
  3. Create a sharpp business case in steps
  4. Get the basic done acurate global dna product, services and respective keyword stretegy, go through the page titles and page descriptions,
  5. Continual Optimization of tags, on feeds, check new services and products
  6. Know how Tag and title content are key
  7. Keyword analysis and trends understanding: conduct keyword research including cataloging and indexing target keyword phrases
  8. understanding of how the word’s chosen impact natural search traffic and rankings via recurrent optimized content
  9. Manage and track link building campaigns, coordinated
  10. with all facets of business.
  11. Create and update daily, weekly and monthly reports
  12. Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the social media campaigns.
  13. Interact with social media websites and forums customers to align unselfish service of needs, with corporate objectives
  14. Interact proactively in sites like Facebook/YouTube/Scribl/Flickr and search engines through creating group pages, copywriting, creative & keyword optimization & buzz pocket mining
  15. Be the eyes and ears of brand almost your own reputation depended on it
  16. Minute by minute participation in conversations that surround content and brand, answer comments, be a mediator.
  17. Work to build and maintain content distribution network by way of social media channels
  18. Identify threats and opportunities in user generated content surrounding brand, report to appropriate parties.
  19. Interact with the legal department they need to be your best friends
  20. Integrate the strategy with search, client and cross corporate agencies.
  21. Create content for feeds and snippets in various social media sites.
  22. Schedule and organize collaboration with multiple departments which generate content on a daily basis
  23. Participate in social media, as yourself and white hat avatars, on your behalf

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