words to its limits

i have pushed words in this text to its furthest limits * baby machine merge document * there is no longer fascination for this technology made of words * the problem now is how can we control the public space in this text layout * how can we control the coordinates of the words * what is the space of a word in this text * what is the aesthetics of a text program * what is the aesthetics of a word in a text program * probably low or high technology makes the same effort in this paper * and in a time when computers take wish as their command we loose desire and replace it for a virtual image * and that is the globalization paradox in photo shop * the words in the windows don’t have a program * lives don’t have a program whether written in quark press or in simple text * whether the subject is commercial, military or art * we live in the theology of the eject able seat * in the interests of pushing words forward we have created as many windows in the screen as possible * our reality file is made of a stone made of numbers * our reality document is freehand, photo shop, quark press, and acrobat reader * this is the techno design demo * this is the help, the sexual instinct, inside the fear of death of a software machine * our reality is pushing us forward * our reality is a cynic commodore pet * and sometimes we are text processing machines * we have a kind of hall 9000 in our brain * and i roll on the floor laughing out loud * and i roll on the floor laughing out loud world wide * loosing neutrality in an advanced research project agency * battling against good sense, moderation and all the bourgeois virtues in this document layout * pushing forward the words to its limits * defying death in the line of a word for windows document * because the world now spends more on drugs than it does in food and i feel i’ve been in the space twice in this item * in the whole earth electronic link utility * in the matrix, pushing words in this text to its furthest limits * checking spell, going to an auxiliary dictionary in the new Xbox of the world marketing machine * baby machines are we * learning how to create monsters with text processing ways * formulas or dealing for a key code * showing balloons * pushing words in this text to its furthest limits * baby machine typing in the online layout * this word file rtf * this simple text document *

Dinis Guarda, published in EC / ARTS PRACTIQUES ARTISTIQUES 02_03

rédacteur en chef: Eric Sadin

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