Social Media Holistic Overview with an infographic

Social Media strategy has to come with a macro Holistic Overview!

When considering Social media one needs to do it in a macro holistic overview. There are a lot of things to consider when preparing or managing Social Media within businesses and organisations. The challenge is to manage all the efforts in a way that things work together, both within the organisation and with its external. You can not do just one thing you have to work in a good overview about all the details involved.

Some important areas to have in consideration. I choose to allign all of this because to be honest all of these areas have to be considered:

  • Channel Social Ecosystem;
  • Marketing: Social Media Marketing;
  • Communications: Social Public Relation;
  • Buying: Social Procurement;
  • Sales: Social Selling f-commerce
  • HR – Social Recruitment
  • Customer Service – Social Customer Service
  • Location
  • Real Time Data
  • CSR – Social Media Corporate Social Responsibility

So here it is my rough draft of how any business, corporation, organisation should run its business:

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