Dinis Guarda is a global recognised speaker and keynote author. He has been speaking and keynoting to governments, major Universities, top conferences and global businesses and corporations. In the last years he has been speaking in major events and conferences in over 30 countries such as: UK, France, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Uruguay, Dubai, Angola, Mauritania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong to name a few.

Dinis Guarda is an author, innovation futurist, a bestselling author, an award winning speaker. Dinis Guarda hosts a globally recognized Youtube Podcast that has been fast growing Dinis Guarda citiesabc and syndicated in Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud. Dinis is also a guest lecture in multiple universities and is the Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of multiple companies. Dinis spares his time writting, drawing, doing activites of education in multiple universities worlwide. He likes to travel, cycle, and is a film and art passionate and also focus on Science-Fiction. He advises multiple clountries, and has spoken on the present and future of humanity, ideas and changes.

Imagine If… You Knew What The Future Would Bring – Blockchain, AI and Crypto Economics, Keynote in corporate event Imagine If by North Highland:

Some of Dinis Guarda achievements as influencer and thought leader:

About Dinis Guarda - leading author and influencer

About Dinis Guarda – leading author and influencer

He is Listed in various top 100 / 10% / 1% Most Influential People in Fintech / Blockchain / AI / Social media / Insurtech ssuch as:
Top 50 People on Blockchain by Thinker360
Top People In Blockchain by Cointelegraph 2019
Cryptoweekly top 100 https://cryptoweekly.co/100/
Top Blockchain quotes influencer by RightRelevance http://info.rightrelevance.com/blockchain-twitter-analysis-aug-1-sep20/
And multiple other lists

Blockchain: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Dinis Guarda is a doer, CEO, board member and digital and crypto economics driver and evangelist. Dinis Guarda creates and helps companies, organisations gain greater value and maximise Return on Investment and Return on Attention in a digital disruptive world.

Dinis has created a bank between Africa and Asia, managed crowdsale campaigns and multiple startups worth over hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dinis Guarda work with new tech, digital, cryptocurrencies, drive ICOs, regulation, compliance, legal international processes, and have created and involved in various new digital top 100 digital currencies.

With a 20+ years experience in international business and digital transformation. Dinis Guarda is focused on teamwork & meritocracy!
Dinis Guarda has been a Lecturer and Speaker in international business schools: Cambridge, Copenhagen Business School, INSEEC, Monaco University among others. Dinis Guarda is a writer/author with over 20 books/ebooks/magazines published in various languages.

Dinis Guarda is strategist, curator, programmer, producer, advisor and work and have been working with organisations such as UN, UNESCO, Governments, Central banks, Financial authorities, think tanks, Greenpeace, Tate Modern/UK, Centre George Pompidou/Paris, ARS ELECTRONICA/Austria, ITAU/Brasil, TV programs.

CCForum London 2019/Panel: Dinis Guarda, Thomas Power, Rais Hussin, Ingo Ruebe:

Expertise, experience: Internet, Blockchain, AI, digital transformation, cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offers, Investment, Bitcoin, Big data, Media, Social media, Fintech, Apps, Management, Video, SEO, Conceptual strategies, Content, Digital Healthcare, Tech, Events, Planning, Purchasing, Publishing, Marketing, Localisation, Community, Branding, PR, Finance.

Dinis Guarda has been running Profiling – interviewing top global leading personalities industries leaders with his Youtube Podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dinisguarda/videos

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