Kaleidoscope Zeitgeist (Life Style Krisis)

Zeitgeist. Civilization of images. Civilization of clichés. Empty banality. Make sensible. Disconnected spaces. Aleatory encounters. Being Sensation. Space of the figural as distinctive from figurative. End Game. Neurological violence into logic. Loss. Absence. Critical judgement. Encounters of the arts with concept, theory, science, knowledge. Aesthetics of the power of the time. Postmodernism = Post media. Incommensurables. “This is beautiful” = “This is art”. Monolithically. Deleuze’s development of aesthetics of encounter and connections. The purity of the media. The memory industry. Palimpsest. Museum. Unforeseeable events. Endless critical anamnesis. Regionalism-globalism. Melancholy element in the larger condition with which we were melancholy element in the larger condition dominated by “new technologies” and “immateriality”, biotechnology and a kind of artifice for which there was no longer any original “nature” (…) (rajchman/po-mo) adorns melancholy. Idea of absence of sense into the very idea of judgement. Witness to impossibility. Philosophy has no “ intrinsic narrative” not absence and loss but potentials and inventions. Rewriting “keep alive the kinds of encounters and connections from which new ideas come”. Chinese menus. Big hotels. Consumer Society. Expanded Centre Georges Pompidou envisioned the Museum imploding with an overload of recycled products. An aesthetic that rejects hierarchy and celebrates diversity. Like Old Russian aristocrats. A force for radical cultural and social change. Heterogeneneity, energy, polemics, worries. Ecstasy of communication (Jean Braudillard). Museums are the family sepulchres of works of art (Theodor w. Adorno).

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