It is not about having time but making decisions: Social Me-dia Management

What if time stopped now…? What if you could effectively do what you always wanted to do…? This is a question I have been asking myself more lately. And the answer it is not so much about time, but about time management and decision!

In the present landscape we live where the Me is mixed within the Social “Me”dia there are new things to be extra aware. Everything in daily life and personal management is somehow mixed with different real and digital platforms. This shift from reality and virtual-reality takes your personal and social skills mixed. When it comes to you and me sometimes the daily basic tasks ends up inside global, digital media technological user platforms and programs where we deal with documents, emails, calendar, images, videos, mobile phones, social media.

“You don’t need more time
…you just need to decide.” Seth Godin

All this sometimes “fireworks” distracts us form what effectively counts and creates a feeling of taking a lot of time. And it all starts with me, you and the way we interact with time and the social element (wether in the digital or real world). You and me are part of a new society where the definition of the online experiences is based on who you know, in your local, regional and digital environment, what you consume, and what you and me share.

In this landscape, if your attention is focused on social graphs and the information that flows through its streams, how can you as person manage properly your time and indeed run a personal and professional behave that sometimes is similar to the one of a brand. Indeed if you think for a while you are a brand, a media player. Though you don’t belong to any corporation or media group in the end being inside and dealing with a technological and social media world you have to cope with it. Managing thus all of that is a challenge to your time and sometimes you might feel too much overlapped with info and lacking the necessary decision to the core things that in the end are critical for you.

In here it comes the good and old common sense and a necessity to handle decisiveness. In this increasing complex wolrd where technology, media interacts inside of privacy and behavior the way to go it seems to me has to walk with a clear trait of resoluteness. An attitude that has to bear evidenced by firmness of character or purpose; you have to become a person of of unusual decisiveness”

While in all these patterns of behaviors and inside the social graphs of our own Me and “Me”dia the challenge is never loose the focus and the capacity of handle the factor time with clear decision. While managing and dealing with social networks, you are no longer dealing or interacting with conventional “friends” or “followers”, you are dealing and competing with your own time and their time. You are interacting for the present moment of your time in a way to earn enough social “Me”dia mind share.

Within this whole new reality the social media interactions, platforms and its connections and implications are in one hand a big factor of attention spans though they can be as well a great source of tools to better manage your life and time. Thus the challenge is to think about the exact act of making up decision about something, a clear management of action. And again it is necessary to take time to go through the burden of decision. And make sure you don’t draw your decisions / conclusions quickly but with the necessary time.

Again the question is think about the way you go through all this process? I have been making calculations of how much I need to live the life I really want to live. And when doing some math’s I found I could live one or two years in several parts of the world, with some of my savings. Moreover I could indeed have an excellent quality of life as well… Better probably then the one I have at the moment. So what if I apply that math to my daily life and start optimising each small thing, starting by my time management and my personal and professional life?

Ironically if you expand and project manage time, if you visualise the goals of what you really need you will be close to it as you never thought it would be possible. What stops me and you from doing what you ever wanted to do? In the end only I and you and it is all about the settings of decision. And most of the settings are mind driven: cultural, social, emotional or psychological…

There is an intense music in the depths of your own conscience that put it similar to diving in a black closed sea. And due to a lot of mostly prejudice and fear you live mostly with a strange feeling of drowning. Drowning inside that metaphoric sea made of small waves and heavy cold waters with layers of trouble that come and go with very repeated and common expressions such as:  I cannot make it, I don’t have time to, I am late, I am feeling bad, my body aches…

A social network diagram

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In the end sometimes you and I are kind of buried in a paralysed burning platform afraid of jumping for the next stage or step in life… And strange enough you and I end up with all of your, mine energy burned and still you and I did not move a finger to change… That is not so strange when you think about it. A bad relation you are still in because you are afraid of being alone. A job you hate and where you are not productive… You are terrified to act once the perspective of being unemployed, alone; not seeing a clear security, future scares the hell of you… This is most common than you and I would like to admit…

You are able to burn the entire super plus or the skeptical garnish you accumulate. You are capable of understanding the code of your development system. But one passes most of the time absorbed in inner ridiculous nothings. Paralysed in the default settings. And I must admit it is damn difficult to erase the prejudice of changing the color or the abs of perception, the social miss conceptions, I am supposed to behave this way, or that way.

There is this primordial inception of black and white dictatorship inside the brain and the difficulty of following evolution without losing touch with conventional reality. Once you create a paradigm you are afraid of moving to a new one. It is part of the surviving instinct one inherits in the social stairways of civilisation. Though the irony of the situation, you and me film and write the film of life. The only truth is that evolution goes through the destruction of the icons. You can only evolve when you are conscious of the layers between the black and white of big values, definitions. You can only transform and create a strong path when you manage a continuous recreation of new iconography.

Creating internal new processes, technologies to draw and resize the size of your own driving light is a sophisticated task that needs some kind of personal magic. For that you need some capacity of sort of talking with the wind and hearing the air. In the end breathe and manage to enjoy your moments with the right balance.

Trust me reason has nothing to do with it, or better it is a fundamental criterion of understanding the flows of reality in its own, without expecting too much or too less, recreating some kind of balance and music.

You are indeed capable of stopping the time. You can pause reality, or change it if you understanding the power of your default settings (or that you are able to live with it and when necessary adapt or change it). the technology of your instinct. And the capacity to write or rewrite the tasks of your present it is thus in my and your hands.

Between paralysing and running away or dreaming, deciding and living there is a very tiny wire. And it all comes not so much about having time but making the right decisions.

So in this present landscape we live where the Me is mixed within the Social “Me”dia the important it is not about having time but making decisions: a Social Me-dia Management!

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