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Trends that shift the Future of web, media and marketing (Social)

Trains come and go and the web, media and marketing landscape is going through very serious new trends coming. In order to understand these shifts and trends let us start with some truly mindboggling pieces of data surrounding the web and mainly the social web main present players and the way they are putting the self guided consumer – prosumer – in the center of web, media and marketing:

• Facebook claims that 50% of active users log into the site each day. This would mean at least Read more […]

23 Key Qualifications and Experience necessary for any team working in SEO & Social Media

The SEO and Social media new trends are creating new work profiles. I assume that SEO and Social Media needs to have a perfect marriage, otherwise you will have problems and ultimately you will fail. I did some research and came out with a list that tries to reflect the new challenges of the present web. These new waves / challenges are indeed giving space for very exciting and complex profiles that mix different features and qualifications and open new perspectives for creative and multi-skilled Read more […]

Social Media and SEO Features: Creating a Community

A lot has been written about SEO and Social Media features and about creating a community, and this relation is indeed the key point for the present web performance, both for ROI (Return on Investment) and ROA (Return on Attention). Web is becoming Search and Social at the same time with bigger complexity and content, localisation and technological challenges are bigger than ever and one needs to get in. I will try to synthesize some key points in this post.

From a business and of course marketing Read more […]

Social Media and Web Innovation metrics: ROA Return on Attention & ROI Return on Investment

The new trends of innovation are made by passionate people that move more than in any time in history.  These new creatives, entrepreneurs whatever one calls them are citizens of the world (or of the web, or of big cities, according to tastes). They are not indeed bound by any geography, historical job classification, political or institutional affiliations or demographic. These people can be found anywhere from the frontlines of the largest organizations to the garages and rooms where entrepreneurs Read more […]

The success of Twitter, Google and of a few social media

Entrepreneurship is about how to leverage successes and failures. Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking, as a vast majority of new businesses and projects fail. So in this sort of schizophrenic economic downturn a lot of things are affecting common perception and use of Web 2.0 tools. In this scenario a lot of questions and reflections must be done about the next steps of social networking and its success.

Twitter, (the web performance is impressive)  and of a few social Read more […]