terra incognita

this terra incognita that has disappeared from maps ; a paradise with invisible words a broken greek sculpture lost under the sea, near an unknown island, a most powerful wind speaking … hoping that the gods forgive me what I am doing (even i don’t know what i am doing) ; trying to measure of what is measurable, and asking myself how i can make measurable what is not so , in this will to go further the limits, the highway that leads to the unknown … i subject everything Read more […]

Sort Things Out (Synthesis and (Re)Search, Quotes, Passions)

“I did not die, and yet I lost life’s breath,” Dante Alighieri “He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein “Always do what you are afraid to do.” Ralph Waldo Emerson “For poems are not, as people think, simply emotions (one has emotions early enough)—they are experiences.” Rainer Read more […]

words to its limits

i have pushed words in this text to its furthest limits * baby machine merge document * there is no longer fascination for this technology made of words * the problem now is how can we control the public space in this text layout * how can we control the coordinates of the words * what is the space of a word in this text * what is the aesthetics of a text program * what is the aesthetics of a word in a text program * probably low or high technology makes the same effort in this paper * and in a time Read more […]

lexikón – body fast forward

cine-mato-graphic-ally we crumble, involucreless, and transformed into spectres for thousands of years we stay searching the hologram’s shadow of the non controllable mental activity which shows itself, while we are awake or while we are sleeping and no one can tell you that you are alive, since you cannot even see your face without the help of a mirror – you disappear while someone falls from a sky scraper, smashed into the incontrollable logic of gravity . the truth is that there Read more […]

Portugal A Country of Myth and Future Past

“Looking for romance, discovering culture, living adventure, relaxing? Indulge yourself in Portugal, your destination.” www.visitportugal.com Portugal is a country of Myth and Future Past living. A country that created one of the biggest empires on the planet. It is curiously one of the warmest European countries. Also a country with one the  most popular languages. However a country that lives in a sort of future part with a melancolic approach., sometimes self destructive and  paranoid. During Read more […]

The sphinx aura of the xxth century

the mythological figures the depicted recumbent lion with a human head the thrilling unaesthetics of a poker-faced boredom and all the aesthetics of car accidents… do you see the tragic beauty of the portrait of marylin monroe after her suicide, it is the winter season, in the Madness and Civilization and one can see the gangster funerals, and fragile mrs kennedy after jfk’s assassination duchamp enigma haunts me – he who renounced art to play chess instead, the Read more […]

Neurological Games

“I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fibber and liquids – and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” Ralph Waldo Ellison, The Invisible Man, 1952. We are all the invisible man of Ralph Ellison’s novel, living in a society that, in every area, feels the need to create more information, Read more […]