My name is Dinis Guarda and I am driven by ideas and making things happens. I am global Internet executive and I have been working in EU, America, Africa and Asia. I am also a strategist and thought leader author passionate about ideas, digital trends, marketing, comunications and open business. I have an unabridged passion for entrepreneurship, writing, authorship, creativity (image, art, film, music), all forms of curating and strategic, pragmatic thinking and the world wide web.

At the moment I am a guest lecturer in Social Media Marketing in CBS – Copenhagen Business School.  Presently I am working as Head of Communications and Marketing for Ninety10Group. In this global new Business Group I am proudly starting and co-managing the strategy for the following projects:


Between 2008 -11 I co-managed Saxo Bank’s web / online marketing / PR / video and tech global plan of action and defined social media strategy. While in this role I created and developed (business, technology, content, strategy and overall co-management) working with Saxo Bank A/S various teams:


I work, write and reflect about Web / Content, Media / Search / Social Media / digital / Investment industry and knowledge. I look for synthesis and relation between theory and practice and I like to make things happen.

I am interested both in business and the fast forward research for new directions in the web: creativity, theory, business, technological and commercial/marketing wise. I write and I am working actively in projects that reflects the flows of web 2.0 / 3.0, social dynamics, future of the internet, film, arts, content, communications and media.

I am founder and have created among other the following web projects:


I am interested in the global challenges: open business, economic, financial, trading and investment flows and its relation / interaction / mutation with internet and technology. I am interested in the drivers of civilisation: ideas, history, memory, both aesthetics, ethics and theory. I am deeply curious about how the economical, Financial flows, the markets, the investment, technologies and trading waves affects countries, continents, economies and change society. Moreover I am involved in researching how innovation (namely open innovation) and creation, mainly in technology and web are interacting with these flows and in constructing solutions and new paths towards improvement of society, systems and mechanisms.

I live in London and I was born in Portugal. I have been working and living abroad in the last years, namely in the UK (London), Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Malmo), Madrid (Spain) Paris (France) and of course Lisbon (Portugal).

I am deeply curious, like to travel and to know adventurous and open minded people. Follow and engage with me in:


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