Web Social Media Marketing Strategy Now

There are various forces that drive success of the web and of any social media marketing strategy and management such as:

sales, market share, bestseller / quality products, brand ROA (return on attention), location – business location, customer relationship, capacity of innovation and being ahead…

Over the last 5 years the major shifts in marketing and web have been towards a direction of: Web 2.0, The Long Tail, Peer production, crowd sourcing and now sourcing, global scalability in most of the industries, innovative products and now the new backbone direction is towards a social media web and a marketing focused in social networks targeting self directed clients and aiming an engagement and medium term relation.

I decided to synthesise some of these trends in a presentation, reflection in the web project that I deeply admire slideshare.net, indeed one of the most interesting and useful social, publishing websites out there. Have a look and let me know your input!

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