Latin America one of the crossroads to the future

I am currently travelling through Latin America and I am passionated by its genuine energy and activity. Getting out of Uruguay, from its magical Capital Montevideo in direction towards the capital of Tango and the Paris of the South Hemisphere, Buenos Aires I am astonished with all the kindness of people and I see a lot of new potential in here.

With a population of over 586 million people Latin America (stats from 2009) this market represents a huge opportunity. It is a community of people speaking the same language and with a common heritage and with wealth, natural resources, advanced education and knowledge hubs. With countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile or even Brasil with another distinct but similar language, (Portuguese is very similar to the Spanish) there are lot of interesting new directions to follow in such a big part of Americas, and of the world. After almost an entire century with serious and multiple problems this distant part of the world (what is being distant anyway in a global more and more decentralised world) is now aiming towards a new stability that can get and will result in so much to his people.

In terms of online according to the stats of www.internetworldstats.com, for 2009 there are only 30% of people with access to internet, still these numbers represents already 15% of the global internet users. It is a huge market and there are a lot of interesting opportunities for web companies being it web based IT, technological or content based start ups or big international web and media corporations. The opportunities to create relevant IT, software, infra-structures, content, e-learning and services online are impressive and I am not even talking about e-commerce that probably will take more time (due to infra-structures, cultural and social backgrounds) but when it will reach these markets will be then massive.

In a world still North American and Europe centric it is key to start looking out for these new opportunities and start cooperation and initiatives with this happy and friendly people.

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