Financial Industry & The key asset of Trust

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The creation of trust is the key for the financial industry in a landscape of continuing financial crisis that cannot be found in any standard national account statistics or economic models.

The biggest asset of any industry is definitely Trust. In the case of the Financial and trading Industry this is even more truth. The economy is made in bear and bull cycles; history confirms this from the bible to the present days. So at the moment one needs to be serious and play for stability. In this fragile order the financial and trading industry in order to develop and improve its performance and results needs to put all its efforts in the trust building. Also it must focus all its energies managing & facilitating strong relation with customers, getting the best services and creating a long term solid relation feeding the economy. Also very important the industry needs to focus its development in the online environment, pushing the best internet savvy tools and everything available in technology to serve the customer and engage him.

The real economy and the future of the financial, trading and investment industry has to be focus to help people manage their personal finances, trading and investment through best services solutions, right budgeting and spending trackers, among other features.This needs to be done with stability, safety, neutrality and complete transparency. And there is no other way of getting out of this. Although the interactions between the financial industry and the rest of the economy are very complex there is no way for the financial and trading industry to work independently. Taking examples of the economic growth in the 1960s that was outstanding, but it seemed to require little financial intermediation. In the other hand finance grew quickly in the 1980s while the economy stagnated, and the pattern changed again in the 1990s and now in the 2000s and precisely in 2010 when economies and countries are looking for targets to blame now that its mutation went to absurd’s only seen in perhaps the great depression.

Financial institutions core focus is to provide services to customers, whether they are households, investors, entrepreneurs, governments or corporations this can only be done though a massive investment and focus on trust building.

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